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Dreamscape Luxury Picnics is an Asheville based picnic/event planning company making dreams come true..


 We offer curated fairytale experiences for couples, friends and anyone who appreciates celebrating those they love in a magical setting. Each picnic is designed to be uniquely yours and inspired by your own stylistic preferences and cravings. We offer various packages perfect for your special occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, date nights, proposals/anniversaries, and elopements in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

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 The 3 Dreamscape Elements:

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Asheville and the surrounding areas boast over 50 public parks and 6 miles of greenways gleaming in natural beauty. With proper planning and good weather, we'll be sure to find the perfect spot! Or we can come to you! Whether you're staying in a vacation rental/airbnb or have your own place in mind, Dreamscape picnics can happen almost anywhere!

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Eats & Elixirs

Charcuterie... We're here to give the people what they want! With the help of Asheville Charcuterie Co.,we can cater to whatever diet preferences you may have and design the dreamiest grazing board or table you've ever laid eyes on! And--- if you're craving sweets, we've got dessert boards and jaw dropping cakes that will make you drool from our favorite local baker Monkas Bakery! 
When it comes to Elixirs, we provide San Pellegrino and/or other non-alcoholic beverages to pair with your board. Unfortunately, North Carolina prohibits us from selling you alcohol or serving it in a public space, however you are more than welcome to BYOB in private spaces and we can provide mixers for some of our favorite cocktail recipes. Ask us about your options!



The mood is expressed through color, texture and presentation. Each inquiry leads to a consultation where we discuss preferences and intentions behind your picnic, allowing us to create your own one-of-a-kind Dreamscape experience for you and your guests. Candles and endless decor will leave you feeling like you're in a renaissance painting surrounded in beauty. 

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